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Critical Thinking in EM Nursing Skills Training ABTC ACLS
Procedural Competencies Nursing Assessments Competencies Pediatric Trauma PALS
Pediatric EM SBAR   Hospital Evacuation APLS
Internal Medicine Patient Safety   ABTC-Lite N-95
Shoulder dystocia (OB)     Disaster Preparedness AHLS
HANDOFF Training        
Teamwork Training        

Advanced Bioterrorism Triage Course
  • Bioterrorism Preparedness
  • Dooning/Doffing PPE
  • Dirty Resuscitation
  • Rapid Traige System for Victims of:
    • Nerve Agents
    • Chemical Agents
    • Biological Agents
    • Blast/ Radiation

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Course
  • Trauma
  • Altered Mental Status
  • The Undifferentiated Toxic Infant
  • Endocrine Emergencies
  • Cardiac Emergencies
  • Procedural Competency

Emergency Medicine HANDOFF
  • Transitions in care
  • Data Flow
  • Distractors
  • An EMR template